Besan Burfi 1Kg


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Besan Burfi 1Kg



Besan barfi is a sweet made traditionally in northern Indian subcontinents. 'Besan' is the 'gram flour' and 'barfi' in Hindi means 'ice'. This name is given to this sweet because it also melts in the mouth like the ice. It is referred as fudge in some places due to its similarity in shape and texture. It is also known as 'Indian cheesecake'. They are orangish-yellow in colour and have a shape of rectangle, square or diamond. In the Mughal times, the king used to distribute this besan burfi to the people during feasts. Most essential ingredients of this sweet are Bengal gram flour or the besan, ghee or the clarified butter, white sugar and khoa or the evaporated milk (condensed milk). Almost all the Indian sweet dishes are garnished with finely chopped almonds, pistachios, cashews and raisins. Some flavouring agents that are most commonly used are saffron, nutmeg and cardamom. Burfi is not complete without the thin edible silver or the gold leaf which is commonly known as 'vark'. Ghee plays the most important role in flavouring the sweet with a sweet aroma and texture. This besan burfi is prepared in highly hygienic and clean environment for a better shelf life. All the ingredients used for the preparation are 100% natural and pure. The readily available besan burfi is made using the traditional method. Therefore the originality of the sweet is maintained. It is always easier to get it from the market because making this sweet at home needs a lot of time, hard work and experience. In order to have a sweet dish in a much easier way whenever you feel like having one, this readily available besan burfi is the best. It has high nutritional benefits. So choose it for any occasion, festivals and functions.


Different names

Besan Burfi


Place of Origin



Types of Product

Snacks, sweets


Uses of Product

  • Besan burfi is made with little variation in South India which is known as 'Mysore Pak'
  • It is used for stuffing parathas.
  • Besan burfi is used for making halwas.
  • Besan burfi can be crushed and added on top of ice creams, fruit salads etc.
  • Besan burfi can be used for festivals, functions and parties.
  • Besan burfi is offered to the Hindu gods.




  • Ghee used for the preparation of besan burfi is good for the child mental development.
  • Besan burfi is good for controlling blood cholesterol and sugar, hence lowering risk of heart strokes and diabetes.
  • Besan burfi is helpful in losing body weight.
  • Besan burfi reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Besan burfi is good for providing immunity to the body.
  • Besan burfi helps in providing healthy hair and skin.


High Preference

Besan Burfi is highly preferred as a sweet dish after meals or anytime.


Nutritional facts

Serving 1 (1 piece or 62g or 4 tbsp)

Calories 166

  • Total Fat 4g
    • Saturated 0g
    • Trans 0g
    • Polyunsaturated 0g
    • Monounsaturated 0g
    • Cholesterol 0mg
    • Sodium  190mg
    • Potassium 0mg
    • Total carbs 21g
      • Dietary Fiber 0g
      • Sugars 0g
      • Protein 14g
      • Vitamin A 0%
      • Vitamin C 0%
      • Calcium 0%
      • Iron 0%







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