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Bikaji Chaat Papdi 400g



Bikaji Chat Papdi is a crispy snack popular in the Indian subcontinent. Chaat is a very popular Indian street food. It is an easily available and economical street food. They are so addicting due to their aroma and flavour that delight the taste buds. There are a number of different types of chaats available with different flavours. But among all of them, Papdi chaat is the most popular one and is favourite of everyone. This papdi chaat is made by blending with green and red chutneys. That is the spicy green chilli chutney and sweet tamarind chutney. This chaat is sweet, savoury and tangy. Some chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, sev and green chillies are added to make a bed on top of the papdi. This is furthermore flavoured with curd or yoghurt.  This becomes a mixture of both soft and crunchy dish. The liquid ingredients make the crispy papdi softer. The papdi absorbs all the flavours of the other ingredients of the dish thus making it more mouthwatering. It is a very easy dish that can be made by anyone. But care must be taken about a number of ingredients added to the dish. Each ingredient has some role in bringing out the mouthwatering taste.  Papdi is made with all purpose flour. All purpose flour is mixed with ghee, salt and some spices. Then they are made into dough with the help of water. The dough is very stiff and dry. So that the crispiness of the papdi is obtained. The dough is rolled into round flat disc which is then deep fried in hot oil. They can also be baked for avoiding the use of oil. These papdi are then used for making a variety of dishes. As the name suggests Bikaji papdi chaat is known for their taste and quality. They are made with hygiene so that they do not get infected and spoiled. Their shelf life is also increased. Bikaji has won the trust of people in snacks and namkeens. 


Different names

Bikaji Chat Papdi


Place of Origin



Types of Product



Uses of Product

    • Bikaji Chat Papdi is used for having at tea time.

    • It is used for making bhel puri, sev puri, papdi chaat etc.

    • They are used as starters with many Indian Cuisines.

    • They are used by crushing and adding as the topping of any dish.





    • Bikaji Chat Papdi is a good source of protein and fat.

    • It gives instant energy for the body.

    • It is a source of vitamins and minerals also.

    • It is found that it provides immunity to the body.

    • It aids in better hair health.

    • Bikaji Chat Papdi is good for mental health.

    • It provides strength to the bones.


High Preference

Bikaji Chat Papdi is best served with tea or coffee.


Nutritional facts

Serving 1 (1 cup)

Calories 562

    • Total Fat 38g

        • Saturated 6g

        • Trans 0g

        • Polyunsaturated 0g

        • Monounsaturated 20g

        • Cholesterol 0mg

        • Sodium  164mg

        • Potassium 58mg

        • Total carbs 40g

            • Dietary Fiber 20g

            • Sugars 32g

            • Protein 22g

            • Vitamin A 13%

            • Vitamin C 23%

            • Calcium 9%

            • Iron 19%







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