Britannia Bourbon Biscuits 780g


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Britannia Bourbon Biscuits 780g



Britannia Bourbon Biscuits is a sweet biscuit with a layer of chocolate in the middle and crystals of sugars on top. A smooth chocolate paste is spread in between two crunchy biscuits that are topped with sugar crystals. The thick layer has a rich nutrition value. This is the original bourbon biscuit of India. It is a brand of Britannia. Britannia is a trusted brand in the world. Britannia Bourbon Biscuits were first started in 1955 in India. They just melt in the mouth. It is a popular biscuit among children. Most of the time children are found licking the chocolate cream inside the biscuit. The taste is delicious when it is had as a whole along with the cream and the outer biscuit. It tastes super delicious as it is crispy and crunchy from outside but soft and creamy from inside. The happiness of anything is experienced when it is shared with the friends. Share this pack of bourbon with your friends for an extra happiness of having bourbon. It can also be had with a cup of hot coffee of tea. There are a lot of variety available. Some are for having with friends, some for a family like the family packs and some are also available for parties which are best had for a party. It is found to be a great companion during night studies. It is a great source of instant energy. They go extremely well at any time. There is no time for having this delicious biscuit. Britannia is known for making high-quality biscuits throughout the world. They make it possible to be available readily at any time anywhere.  Britannia Bourbon Biscuits are dark brown in colour. The colour of the biscuits itself attracts people. And the sugar crystals give a sugar surprise at times while having the biscuit.


Different names

Britannia Bourbon Biscuits


Place of Origin



Types of Product



Uses of Product

  • Britannia Bourbon Biscuits are used to be had as other biscuits.
  • Britannia Bourbon Biscuits is used for making the base of cakes and puddings.
  • It is best served with coffee and tea.
  • It is a great source of instant energy.
  • Britannia Bourbon Biscuits is used for making milkshakes or smoothies too.



  • Britannia Bourbon Biscuits is a good source of instant energy.
  • Britannia Bourbon biscuits are good for providing instant energy.
  • It increases the physical activity in children.
  • Britannia Bourbon biscuits provide immunity.
  • It boosts the time of reaction and keeps the person alert.
  • It improves the brain health and aids in concentrating.
  • Britannia Bourbon biscuits improve the stamina in children.
  • It helps in removing toxins and wastes from the body.
  • It is a good source of protein and iron.
  • Britannia Bourbon biscuits improve the bone strength.



High Preference

Britannia Bourbon biscuits are highly preferred for having at tea time with tea or coffee.


Nutritional facts

Serving 1 (2 biscuits)

Calories 746

Total Fat 82g

• Saturated 0g

• Trans 0g

• Polyunsaturated 0g

• Monounsaturated 0g

Cholesterol 0mg

Sodium  1mg

Potassium 0mg

Total carbs 1g

• Dietary Fiber 0g

• Sugars 0g

Protein 1g

Vitamin A 113%

Vitamin C 0%

Calcium 0%

Iron 0%

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