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Dabur Herb'l Natural Toothpaste Neem 150g



Dabur Herb'l Natural Toothpaste Neem is a natural herbal toothpaste made from neem leaf extract. Neem leaf has been used for ages in India for many traditional uses. They have many medical health benefits. Each part of the neem tree has some important uses in the medical field. In old days and even now people of India use neem sticks for brushing their teeth. It is a natural way of cleaning the teeth. But it takes a lot of time to chew it to make it into a brush form and use for brushing the teeth.

Dabur Herbal Natural Toothpaste Neem has made available the natural neem extract in the toothpaste to kill the bacteria and harmful germs. Neem leaf extract is a natural ailment for any bacterial infection. In this toothpaste, neem extract is combined with another herbal extract for a perfect ayurvedic recipe for complete oral health.

Neem leaf has a strong aroma and smells too when they are crushed. The leaf is used traditionally for curing chicken pox, skin allergies, etc. All the parts of a neem tree are beneficial in some or the other way. Due to its antibacterial property, it is included along with other herbs in the toothpaste. The other herbs add the beneficial property of the paste. A toothpaste is the first thing everyone in the morning and before going to bed. It needs to be a paste that gives 100% security to the teeth.

Teeth damage is a common issue in children because they are fond of sweets and do not take care about washing their mouth after any sugar consumption. They suffer tooth decay, cavity and other damages. Precaution is always better than the cure. So take care of the little teeth from the childhood. Teeth are the part of the body that can not be replaced easily as it is connected with important nerves that are connected to the brain. Any slight damage can lead to a severe problem. Therefore take care of the teeth with the best product available.

Dabur Herbal Natural Toothpaste Neem uses all natural ingredients and does not contain any preservative or colouring agent that can cause any damage to the oral health. Hygiene is the important thing for a healthy oral health.

Ingredients: Calcium carbonate (derived from chalk), Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium lauryl sulfate (derived from Palm Oil), Flavour (comprising of various essential oils), Carrageenan, Azadirachta indica (Neem), Sodium Silicate, Sodium Saccharin, Herbal extract (derived from Anacyclus pyrethrum, Acacia arabica, Mimusops elengi, Symplocos racemose, Syzygium cumini), Chlorophyllin (C.I. 75810)#

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Dabur Herbal Natural Toothpaste Neem


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Uses of Product

Dabur Herbal Natural Toothpaste Neem is used as paste for brushing teeth



Dabur Herbal Natural Toothpaste Neem acts as an antibacterial agent that kills bacteria.

Dabur Herbal Natural Toothpaste Neem provides bright white teeth by removing stains.

It provides relief from swelling of gum and bleeding of gum.

It is a good relief for tooth pain.


High Preference

Dabur Herbal Natural Toothpaste Neem is used for brushing teeth in morning and night.


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