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Dhoda Burfi 1Kg



Dhoda burfi is a famous Indian sweet prepared traditionally for festivals. The main ingredients of this sweet are wheat flour, khoya and ghee. The upper part is decorated with chopped nuts. The colour of the sweet is dark brown or chocolate. This is a sweet that is ready to eat. In India, it is known as the traditional Indian Wheat cake.

It is made with high quality freshly ground wheat. This sweet was initially prepared at home for festivals and functions but now as everyone is too busy, people prefer to buy sweets from the market.

For preparing this sweet fresh wheat flour is roasted in pure ghee until it gets a golden colour and then the khoya is mixed with the flour. Khoya is the evaporated condensed milk. It can be prepared at home or can be brought from the market also. The addition of pure homemade ghee makes the sweet flavourful and full of aroma. Dhoda burfi is made into square or diamond shapes and served after they cool down completely.

The name burfi is given to all sweets that are diamond shaped or square shaped cakes make with different ingredients. Burfi in Hindi means the thing that gets melted in the mouth. The sweet gets a granular texture due to the addition of khoya to it. Dhoda burfi is considered as a healthy sweet that can be consumed any time because of its high nutritional values. Wheat flour has a high amount of nutritional values required in the daily diet. The sweet is made with 100% natural ingredients without any addition of preservatives or colour. Dhoda burfi can be stored for few days only as it is best had when freshly prepared.

Every Indian sweet in prepared for some traditional use or for giving as an offering for the gods. This sweet is prepared as a healthy sweet dish. Though the making of this sweet is easy it takes a lot of time and needs perfection so that it comes out with perfect taste. So buying from the trusted brands are the best way to overcome the problem of time and perfection.


Different names

Dhoda Burfi


Place of Origin



Types of Product



Uses of Product

  • Dhoda Burfi is offered to gods or distributed as prasad in Hindu temples.

  • Dhoda Burfi is used for giving friends and families for festivals and functions.

  • These sweets are crushed and used for making halwas out of them.



  • Dhoda Burfi is found to resolve problems during pregnancies.

  • They reduce the risk of anaemia and asthma in children.

  • They are good for reducing chronic inflammation.

  • Dhoda Burfi is rich in vitamins, phosphorous, fibre, zinc and calcium.

  • They help in body metabolization.

  • They maintain cardiovascular health.


High Preference

Dhoda Burfi is highly preferred as a sweet dish after a meal or in festivals.


Nutritional Facts

Serving 1 (1 piece)

Calories 3376

Total Fat 53g

• Saturated 30g

• Trans 0g

• Polyunsaturated 1g

• Monounsaturated 2g

Cholesterol 340mg

Sodium  2874mg

Potassium 2273mg

Total carbs 656g

• Dietary Fiber 48g

• Sugars 257g

Protein 82g

Vitamin A 48%

Vitamin C 5%

Calcium 77%

Iron 170%


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