Haldiram's Cornflakes Mixture 200g


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Haldiram's Cornflakes Mixture 200g


Definition: Corn Flake is a popular breakfast cereal around the world. It is easily available, is comparatively cheap, is easy enough for children to eat and is highly nutritious. As is evident from the name, it is made from the flakes of corn.

Place of Origin: It is said that corn flakes were first made by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg for his patients of the Battle Creek Sanatorium, USA in 1894. This experiment was a surprising success. The food was not only tasty, but nutritious as well. In fact, the patients loved it! Dr. John, who also happened to be the institution’s superintendent, decided to produce the item for the public at large. He set up what is now known as a very famous company: Kellogg Company. He got a patent to start making the company in 1896.

Type of products: Today, the use of cornflakes as an edible item has spread to all corners of the world. In India, various companies manufacture different kinds of cornflakes. For instance, you can get plain, unsalted flakes as well as the spicy ones. In India, people have a penchant for all spicy things.

This particular product made by Haldiram contains not only basic spices, but various nuts as well, which makes the cornflakes not just tasty but also healthy. It contains edible vegetable oils, cashew nuts, potatoes, raisins, gram pulse flour, edible common salt, sugar powder, mang and spinach sesame seeds.

Use of Products: Haldiram's Cornflakes Mixture is made to be enjoyed as a snack. It is easy on the stomach because it does not contain too much spice. It includes basic spices like salt and such which are quite common. The product can be enjoyed solo or with other food.

Benefits: Haldiram's Cornflakes Mixture is nutritious. It contains spices which help in digestion and impart taste, vegetable oils are essential for the human body and nuts which are high in the health quotient. However, remember that it is a snack item and should be taken in moderation, and not in the extremes.

When it is preferred: Haldiram’s Cornflakes is enjoyed as a snack food rather than as part of a main meal. It is fulfilling or satiating due to the presence of adequate nut content. It is a very tasty snack option, one which is delicious and safe even for children after a certain age limit. The item can be enjoyed as a light snack at any time of the day, except before breakfast.

Nutritional Facts: Here are the nutritional facts of Haldiram's Cornflakes Mixture. This information is given as per a 50g quantity. The packed product in question is of 200 grams, which means that you need to adjust the following measurements accordingly.

·       Calories: 289

·       Total fat: 20g

·       Saturated fat: 6g

·       Polyunsaturated fat: 3g

·       Monounsaturated: 9g

·       Trans fat: 0g

·       Cholesterol: 0 mg

·       Sodium: 29 mg

·       Potassium: 0mg

·       Total Carbs: 21g

·       Dietary fibre: 0mg

·       Sugar: 2g

·       Protein: 6g

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