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Haldiram's Gathiya 200g

Definition: India is a country where every state and region has something different to offer. Take for instance the Gathia which is made and enjoyed as a delicious snack in North India traditionally. Nowadays, people all over the country and beyond enjoy this savoury snack. It is made from chickpea flour, or besan, as it is traditionally called.

Different names: There is no other name for gathia. However, there are two things to remember here. The same name is pronounced differently in different states. For instance, in Western India, it is pronounced as Ganthia with a short nasal sound. In Eastern Indian states like West Bengal, it is pronounced as ‘Ga-thia’, in which there is no nasal sound. The second thing to remember is that, as you already know, Gathia is made from besan flour or ground besan which is known as Chickpea flour. In the Western countries, the same product is sometimes called Chickpea flour Noodles.

Place of Origin: It is widely agreed that Ganthia is a snack which has its origins in Gujarat. Traditionally, it has been a popular snack in the state, enjoyed mostly during tea times. In taste and texture, it is not crunchy, but is soft instead. Ganthia is made on a mass scale near the Nal Sarovar in Gujarat.

Type of products: Ganthia is traditionally of two types. One variety is soft and spicy or hot depending on the type of spices sprinkled over them. The other variety is sweet to taste, which is called Meetha Ganthia. The word ‘meetha’ means ‘sweet’ in Hindi language.

Use of Products: Haldiram's Gathiya is a snack item which means that it can be taken as such. You can take a handful, or as much as you want, after meals or with your tea. In fact, these are perfect snacks for the tea time! 

Benefits: Gram flour or besan flour is highly nutritious as these offers a wide range of health benefits. One of the best things about it is that it contains high protein content. This makes this snack the perfect option for vegetarians to get their daily quota of protein, and for fitness diet watchers to take a healthy option.

  • ·       Besan or gram flour helps to lower cholesterol: You have healthy unsaturated fats in gram flour which has considerable health benefits. If you, eat such snacks in control, you can remain healthy.

  • ·       Diabetes control: Gram flour has a low glycaemic index, which means that it is beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. Chickpea flour has a glycemic index of only 10.

  • ·       Promotes heart health: This product is beneficial for the heart because it contains rich quantities of soluble fibre content.

  • ·       A better alternative for Gluten: For those who hate gluten, this is one snack which is surprisingly gluten-free. Which means the product can also be substituted for wheat.

Nutritional Facts: Per 35g you get-

  • ·       Calories: 200

  • ·       Total fat: 14g

  • ·       Saturated fat: 3.5g

  • ·       Trans fat: 0g

  • ·       Cholesterol: 0mg

  • ·       Sodium: 420mg

  • ·       Total carbohydrates: 14g

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