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Haldiram's Kaju Mixture 200gs

Definition: The Haldiram's Kaju Mixture 200g contains kaju nuts or cashew nuts. Cashew nuts by itself are quite healthy. Since it is a dry fruit it will keep hunger at bay for hours at a time! The Haldiram's Kaju Mixture 200g is a tasty snack in which the benefits of the cashew nuts are not lost. On the contrary, due to the presence of spices, its health benefit is augmented since spices help in digestion.

Different names: Kaju nuts go by the name of Cashew nuts, in English speaking countries. It is known by various names by many names. For instance, in Portuguese it is known as Caju or cajueiro, in French as Cajou, in Spanish as Casa maranon, in Sinhalese as Cadju, in Italian language as anacardio, in German as acajuban and in Somali language as bibbo.

In native Indian languages, there are many names for it as well. For instance, it is known as Jeedipappu in Telugu, as Munthiri Paruppu in Tamil, as Andiparippu in Malayalam, as Geru Beeja in Kanada and as Kaju in Gujarati.

In India, dry fruits used to come all the way from Afghanistan. Today, one can buy dry fruits all over the country.  

Place of Origin: Cashew nuts of Kaju badam come from India, Brazil and Afghanistan. It is said the dry fruit has its origins in the first two countries mentioned above.


A Kaju badam or cashew nut has numerous benefits:

  • ·       Prevents cancer: Kaju badam or cashew nuts contain Proanthocyanins, a naturally occurring substance which is effective against cancer and tumours. It prevents and destroys the formation of tumour cells. Proanthocyanins also fights against cancer cells and prevents colon cancer.

  • ·       Promotes heart health: Cashews have low fat content. It contains oleic acid which is considered beneficial for the heart. The nuts do not have any cholesterol, but have antioxidants to keep away diseases of the heart.

  • ·       Lowering of blood pressure: Cashew nuts have certain quantities of magnesium, which effectively lowers high blood pressure.

  • ·       Promotes hair health: Eating cashew nuts may not benefit your tresses, but the regular application of it will.


  • ·       Stronger bones: Cashew nuts or kaju badam is a rich source of calcium, which is essential for strong bones.


  • ·       Healthy and strong nerves: The magnesium in Cashew nuts or kaju badam stops calcium from invading nerve cells, which allows your muscles and nerves to remain relaxed. If you have lower amounts of magnesium in your body, you can get headaches, high blood pressure and migraine.

When it is highly preferred: The Haldiram's Kaju Mixture 200g is a snack item and should be consumed as such. It is an ideal item to be enjoyed at tea time or as a light snack directly after a heavy meal.

Nutritional Facts:

  • ·       Calories: 150

  • ·       Calories from fat: 81

  • ·       Total fat: 9g

  • ·       Saturated fat: 3g

  • ·       Polyunsaturated fat: 0g

  • ·       Mono-saturated fat: 0g

  • ·       Sodium: 240mg

  • ·       Dietary fibre: 3g

  • ·       Protein: 6g


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