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Haldiram's Mathri 200g

About Haldiram’s Mathri

It is a Rajasthani snack made from a mixture of water, cumin seeds and flour. These are deep fried tangy cookies savoured by all. All this arrives in a 200g packet of Haldiram's, assuring users of its quality. These are well packed with the flavours of lemon, salt, clove and ginger in it. This namkeen is a vegetarian product, which can be enjoyed by all irrespective of tastes and choices.

The fact that Haldiram’s Mathri has black pepper and ginger in it makes it different from the regular ones. The small round pieces have an amazing taste that goes well with pickles.

Different names

This snack has no alternate name and rules the food industry under the brand of Haldiram’s.

Place of Origin

As the name of the product suggests, Mathri is a packaged product of the food brand Haldiram’s. This brand has its origins in Rajasthan, which makes Mathri also a snack from that region.

Type of product

Since it is a crunchy biscuit, which has been deep-fried, it belongs to the snacks category in online grocery stores. One can distinguish it from other brands when searched under the snack section of Haldiram’s.

Snacking Rules

Before savouring the salty snack of Mathri, you should go through certain rules of snacking:

  • ·       Remember that calories are high in snack items. Do not ever cross the calorie level of 150 while enjoying the crispy biscuit.

  • ·       Avoid eating snacks like Mathri while sitting in front of the television. It can cause eating amnesia and be a cause for your excessive weight gain. So just stroll around and enjoy the eating experience.


There are quite several benefits to snacking when Mathri is the snack.

1.     Having Mathri as a snack can help you prevent overeating during lunch or dinner. The quick bites in between the meals can decrease your appetite and prevent you from having an excess of food.

2.     Snacking can prevent your body from entering the starvation mode. Serving yourself some tasty snacks as Mathri will satiate your short hunger pangs.

3.     Combining Mathri with green leafy vegetables can help you get the necessary nutrients from the healthy snack.

4.     Given its delectable taste, it can also be served to the guests.

5.     Haldiram’s Mathri is 100% natural, which can be munched at any time of the day. For long journeys and tea breaks, it is the best accompaniment.

6.     Since the professionals at Haldiram’s manufacturing units prepare it, the product retains the freshness and crispiness for a longer time.

When is it highly preferred?

As Mathri served by Haldiram’s is a crunchy biscuit with the required crispiness, it is mainly preferred as an evening snack. This spicy and crunchy treat is recognisable from a distance due to its green glossy coloured packet with the picture of Mathris.

Nutritional Facts

In 7g of Haldiram’s Mathri, one can find the following:

  • ·       Calories 40

  • ·       Cholesterol 0mg

  • ·       Total fat 3g

  • ·       Monounsaturated 0g

  • ·       Saturated 1g

  • ·       Polyunsaturated 10g

  • ·       Trans fat 0g 

  • ·       Total carbs 4g

  • ·       Sodium 55mg

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