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Haldiram's Methi Sev 200g

About Haldiram’s Methi Sev

Indians have always shown interest in spicy snack items. The fried and seasoned chips, sticks and pieces have always grabbed their attention. With the varied snack items sold in the market, Haldiram’s has manufactured Methi Sev, which can be eaten anytime and anywhere.

Being a favourite among the consumers, it goes well with 'chaats' and hot beverages especially tea. The speciality of Haldiram’s is that it has seasoned the snack with fenugreek (methi) and other exotic spices, only to enhance its taste.

Different names

Haldiram’s Methi Sev is popular among the consumers in this name. It only has a variation known as potato sev that is equally tasty and crunchy as methi sev.

Place of Origin

The product name itself highlights the brand name of Methi Sev under which it is sold. Haldiram’s is an Indian snack and sweets manufacturer that has its headquarters in Nagpur.

Type of product

Haldiram’s Methi Sev falls under the category of Indian special sweets and snacks. It is a snack item, which is equally crunchy and tasty. 

Use of Product

 Methi sev is a standalone snack, which can also be used as a topping. Chaats like 'Bhelpuri' and 'Sevpuri' require a moderate quantity of sev sticks to be sprinkled on the above. Being a dry snack, it can easily be stored in airtight containers to be enjoyed in free time.


Even though snack items rarely carry any health benefits, Haldiram’s products differ in this aspect. The methi sev offered by this renowned brand has fenugreek herbs as a seasoning. As we all know, fenugreek has its own set of health benefits, which are listed in the following section:

Prevents diabetes and maintains blood sugar levels: The anti-diabetic properties imbibed in it aids in the improved insulin secretion, which is good for the human body.

Decreases cholesterol levels: The saponin presence in fenugreek slows down the absorption of cholesterol in the body.

Keeps you away from cancer: The fibres in fenugreek lower the risk of cancer and all this makes the snack good for your health.

Helps in losing weight: Fenugreek in diet can suppress your appetite that sets up energy levels thereby aiding weight loss.

Assists in proper digestion: Gastrointestinal inflammation, lowers to an extent with fenugreek. It also forms a coating in the stomach, which is a quick remedy for digestive issues.

When is it highly preferred?

Haldiram’s methi sev with a spicy flavour given the black pepper coating and fenugreek herbs is preferred mostly at snack time. Being a dry snack item, it can be carried to workplaces to be enjoyed in the break times.

Nutritional Facts

This 200g pack of the crispy fenugreek flavoured noodles can serve about 6 individuals. Per serving, the Haldiram’s pack offers:

  • ·       Cholesterol 0mg

  • ·       Protein 4g

  • ·       Calories 200

  • ·       Total carbohydrate 14g

  • ·       Sugar <1g

  • ·       Dietary fibre 2g

  • ·       Sodium 190mg

  • ·       Saturated fat 3.5g

  • ·       Trans Fat 0g

  • ·       Total fat 14g


In the 200g pack of Haldiram’s Methi Sev, you can get the following:

  • ·       Bishop’s weed

  • ·       Black pepper powder

  • ·       Edible vegetable oil

  • ·       Fenugreek leaves

  • ·       Common salt

  • ·       Gram pulse flour 

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