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Haldiram's Southern Delights Muruku 200g

Definition: Murukku is a snack from South India. More specifically, it has its origins in the state of Tamil Nadu. This snack is made from the flour of either rice or urad dal, which is a kind of lentil that is available or grown widely in South India. Along with the flour, items like cumin seeds, sesame seeds, water, asafoetida and salt are mixed. This mixture is kneaded into a paste of uniform colour. Murukku, traditionally, can be of various shapes such as coiled or spiralled. The shape is given with the help or a mould. Alternatively, it is also prepared by hand. In the end, the sticks are deep fried using vegetable oil.

Different names: In the Tamil language, the word Murukku means ‘twisted’. This refers to the twisted shape of the dried and fried flour sticks. It is also called Chakli

Place of Origin: Murukku is from the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. It is therefore a regional snack food.

There are many kinds of Murukku such as:

  • Rice and lentil murukku (Mullu murukku)

  • Light, crispy murukku (Thenkuzhal murukku)

  • Coconut milk murukku (Thengai paal murukku)

  • Wheat flour murukku (Godhumai murukku)

  • Spicy murukku (Kaara murukku)

  • Ring muruku

  • Garlic murukku (Poondu murukku)

  • Besan Murukku

  • Butter murukku (Vennai murukku)

  • Sweet murukku (Achu murukku or Achappam)

  • Rice murukku (Arisi murukku)


How to make Murukku: Here is an easy recipe for making the delicious snack called Murukku at the comforts of your home! For of all, here are the ingredients that you will need: 2 cups of rice flour, half cup urad lentils or dal, 2 teaspoonful of jeera powder, 4 teaspoon of sesame seeds, an appropriate quantity of vegetable oil for deep frying, 3 teaspoons of hot oil, 1 teaspoon of red chilli in powder form and table salt to augment the taste.

Now that you know which ingredients you will need, here is the actual procedure to prepare Murukku snacks at home:

Start by roasting the urad dal. Take out the roasted dal, grind it into fine powder form.
Take a large bowl and add all the ingredients and mix well. You can do this by a spoon or with your hand. However, it is said traditionally, that for the best results you should use the hand.
Now, pour the oil in the frying pan and heat it. Once it is hot enough, you can take the moulds of murukku and drop them in the oil carefully. Be sure that the oil is not too hot or it will easily burn the moulds. Fry the moulds until they are golden brown in colour. For best results, fry them in batches and not all at once. This ensures that the moulds are fried well with oil. In the end, drain the oil by putting the Murukku sticks on a paper tower.
When it is highly preferred: Haldiram's Southern Delights Muruku is a spicy snack which is delicious yet satiating. Since it is a snack, it is eaten between meals, especially during tea times. The snack is also preferred during social and religious functions. Haldiram's Southern Delights Muruku is made from the finest quality materials and therefore have the same health benefits which homemade murukku snacks have. 

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