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Liril 2000 Soap 125g

About Liril Soap

Liril 2000 is a fragrant bar of soap, manufactured by Hindustan Lever Limited. This soap cake as made from tea tree oil and lime extracts is a perfect cleanser. With its pure lemon extracts, it freshens up the users and protects them from illness causing germs.

This refreshing bath soap is popular in Asia apart from a few locations in Europe. It has been redesigned for all the 2000 body parts to keep the skin soft and supple. It belongs to one of the oldest brands in the Indian subcontinent. This soap is wrapped in a green shimmery cardboard package, which appears classy. The presence of dark green gel bits in the light green coloured soap is refreshing.

Different options

Liril 2000 comes in various fragrances and types. Let us consider its categories.

Liril Lime Fresh: With refreshing aroma, this skin-friendly variety can make your skin fairer. In short, it is a perfect solution to your perspiration problem.

Liril Icy Cool Mint: It leaves a cooling sensation post usage and helps the users to beat the heat especially during the summer season. It can give an exuberant bathing experience with its icy cool freshness.

Liril Soft Aloe Vera with Lemon Soap: This soap cake has a dash of Aloe Vera and lime in it.

Liril Orange Splash: The tangy fragrance in this soap bar can mesmerise the users and help them beat the heat.


The soap is manufactured in India under the leadership of Hindustan Lever Limited. It is marketed outside the Indian subcontinent, specifically in the Asian and European nations.

Did you know?

The brand name Liril 2000 was earlier known to be ‘Liril’. The tagline changed from ‘freshness’ to ‘rejuvenates 2000 body parts’. Even though, the brand name changed, its quality never transformed. This lather generating soap has seen significant improvement in terms of a cleanser and fragrance.

What are its plus points?

  1. It has a fresh fragrance like perfume

  2. It can awaken your senses

  3. It is skin-friendly which works a lot like a toner

  4. It has gel bits, which makes it even more refreshing

  5. It is apt for summer season to beat the heat and can act as a perfume


The fresh scent gave by this excellent choice can leave the fragrance lingering on your body.

  1. It takes less of time to be rinsed off

  2. It can leave the user’s skin squeaky clean

  3. It can moisturise your skin

  4. Its tea oil extracts prevent pimples and itches from occurring

Product Type

Liril 2000 falls under the body care category of the soap section.


  • Sodium palm Kernelate

  • Glycerine

  • Sorbitol

  • Titanium dioxide

  • Tetra sodium etidronate

  • Tea tree oil

  • Lime extract

  • Sodium palmate

  • Water

  • Perfume

  • Sodium chloride

Liril 2000 tops the list of soaps giving family freshness. It symbolises youth and freedom. This cake of soap not only protects the users from germ attack but also keeps the skin sanitised by removing the grime completely. 

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