Maggi Soup for a cup Creamy Vegetable 4 Serves


Maggi Soup for a cup Creamy Vegetable 4 Serves


Definition: Maggi Soup is a special soup developed by the renowned brand Maggi. A soup is a liquid meal which commonly contains herbs, vegetables, water and other ingredients. A soup can be clear or thick as preferred. Today, the soups offered by Nestle Maggi are actually dehydrated soups. These products sometimes come with reduced cream for the creation of a French onion dip.

Different names: Soup has many names from countries of the world. The list includes bisque, bouillon, consommé, bouillabaisse, chowder and gazpacho. As you can see, its name differs all around the world, but despite the various names, the item in question is still the same. Soup still remains a tasty and healthy liquid meal.

Place of Origin: The brand Maggi had its origins in Switzerland. It used to offer instant soups, noodles and seasonings. Maggi was acquired by Nestle in 1947.

Type of products: Maggi today offers a number of different dehydrated soups. These have different ingredients depending on the buyer’s preference. For instance, the product Maggi Soup for a cup Creamy Chicken Curry is perfect for those who love meat while the Maggi Soup for a cup Creamy Vegetable is ideal for vegetarians. Similarly, there are other products like Maggi Soup for a cup Golden Pumpkin, Maggi Soup for a cup Hearty Beef & Tomato, Maggi Soup for a cup Rich Tomato and Maggi Soup for a cup with Croutons.

Use of Products: The delicious and nutritious Maggi Soup for a cup Creamy Vegetable 4 Serves can be taken with any meal, although preferably it should be taken at lunch and dinner. It can also serve as a handy meal replacement. Maggi soup is quite easy to make and therefore can be made by almost anyone, and at any time of the day.

Benefits: Apart from being satiating and tasty, Maggi Soup for a cup Creamy Vegetable 4 Serves is nutritious. This becomes evident when you see the ingredients it is made up of. The product contains vegetables, onion puree, potato, carrot, skim milk, modified starch, maltodextrin, emulsifier, mineral salts, beverage whiteners, anti-caking agents, flavour enhancers, salts, spices, herbs, vegetable oils, extract of yeast and added colours. This product is beneficial for the human body because it contains essential vegetables like onions, potatoes and carrots. This makes the soup very tasty as well. Who does not want a soup that is both yummy as well beneficial to health!

When it is highly preferred: One of the best things about Maggi Soups is that it can be enjoyed anytime and almost anywhere. It is very easy to prepare the Maggi Soup for a cup Creamy Vegetable. It gives 4 servings depending on the number of sachets in a pack. The Pack contains anything between 2 to 4 sachets.

Nutritional information: Maggi Soup for a cup Creamy Vegetable contains:

  • 250kj Energy
  • 0.8g of protein
  • 1g total fat with 0.6g of saturated fat
  • 11.6g of carbohydrates
  • 1g of sugars
  • 650mg of sodium

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