Maggi Soup for a cup Rich Tomato 4 Serves


Maggi Soup for a cup Rich Tomato 4 Serves


Definition: The rich tomato soup from Maggi is one of its classic products. This particular soup is scrumptiously delicious and has plenty of health benefits at the same time. The Maggi Soup for a cup Rich Tomato is a fantastic product which has plenty of utilitarian benefits as well. First of all, it is very easy to cook. Secondly, it takes 5 minutes at a maximum to cook and service at the most.

Different names: Soup is enjoyed in many countries of the world, spanning 3 continents. As a result, it is hard to say from where soup first originated. The different names for soup from across the world include names such as bisque, bouillon, consommé, bouillabaisse, chowder and gazpacho. Till date, the soup still remains a tasty and healthy liquid meal.

Place of Origin: Soup is part and parcel of culture and cuisines from all over the world, spanning numerous countries of Asia, Europe and the Americas. Some say wrongly that China was the country to develop soup. The truth is that China is just one of the many countries where people have been delighting in the goodness of soup for centuries. Soup has been enjoyed in many Asian, European and South American countries as well.

However, it is easier to find out from where the modern soup came from. In the year of 1924, a man named Ernest Lacoutiere from the USA, who was the head chef of a well-known hotel made the first hot chicken soup in the America. His customers loved the concept. The product became so popular that soon Ernest Lacoutiere was selling them on his own as canned chicken soups.

How to cook it: The Maggi Soup for a cup Rich Tomato is easy to cook. Just pour the contents of one sachet in the packet into a cup or a similar container. Next, you add hot water. Remember, you need to add hot water after you add the soup powder and not the other way around. This creates the ideal density and viscosity in the soup. The third step is to stir the mixture vigorously for a couple of minutes. The entire process should not take more than 2-3 minutes.  

When it is highly preferred: The Maggi Soup for a cup Rich Tomato can be used as a quick snack, an appetiser, along with or after a meal. The possibilities are endless, a benefit which is augmented by the fact that the soup is easy to cook just within 5 minutes.

Benefits: This soup comes with a host of benefits due to the ingredients inside. Tomato is widely known to be a rich source of minerals and vitamins along with potassium and iron. Onions heal infections and reduce inflammation. It boosts immunity and lowers blood sugar levels as well.

Nutritional information: The nutritional information for Maggi Soup for a cup Rich Tomato 4 Serves is as under:

  • Energy 160 kJ
  • Protein is 0.2 grams
  • Total fat is 0.9 grams which Saturated fat is 0.5 grams
  • Carbohydrates is 6.8 grams along with 2.9 gram sugar
  • Sodium is 385 mg

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