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Mathura Peda 1Kg

About Mathura Peda

Mathura peda is a quintessential Indian sweet made from ‘khowa’, which is nothing but the thickened cow milk. To the humble little milk fudge, the manufacturers mix sugar, pure ghee and cardamom. It is easy to prepare with the added advantage that it is not at all a time-consuming recipe. Some of the makers put in some dry fruits in it to enhance its taste.

These are cooked to perfection, turned brown in colour and rolled in sugar to meet the desires of people having a sweet tooth. Sometimes buffalo milk is also thickened to form the amazing sweet.

Different names

Mathura Peda is also called Chirava Peda by some of the residents of Rajasthan. Apart from that, it has no alternate names.

Place of Origin

Mathura Peda is a speciality sweet, which has its origins in the Mathura city. It is a north Indian sweet prepared by the dwellers of Utter Pradesh. Since the sweet has been made in that city, Mathura acts as a brand name for it.

Type of product

Mathura peda is available under the ‘North Indian Sweets’ category both in the online platform and in the sweets shops.

Use of Product

  1. Even though it is a speciality of Mathura city, one can prepare it in their homes. You will obviously find it difficult to replicate the exact recipe, but the ones found in renowned sweet shops can make you relive the days spent in Mathura.

  2. In India, people gear up to celebrate the festival of lights. In such occasions, sweets are distributed to their loved ones. Mathura peda here plays an important role. Since this delicacy is a favourite among the people, it is served as a special treat to near and dear ones.

  3. Being a sumptuous delicacy, it serves the purpose of a dessert, enjoyed after lunch or dinner. 


  1. Since it is a dry sweet without the presence of sugar syrup in it, the dish can easily be carried to any place.

  2. It is offered in boxes and can be preserved for many days.

Preparation method

  • Take khowa in a pan and sauté it. Stir it for a maximum of 10 minutes until it sticks to the pan. Keep it in mind to turn on medium heat while doing the same.

  • Add ghee to it and keep stirring it until it turns brown in colour. Take it off from the heat to let it cool.

  • In another pan, prepare sugar syrup by mixing sugar and water. Add 1 tsp milk and cardamom to it. Stir the mixture well until the scum rises to the surface.

  • Discard the scum and cook it until it is consistent enough. Take it off the heat and add khowa to it.

  • Cool the entire blend of sugar syrup and khowa and prepare small balls with it.

When is it highly preferred?

Being a sweet dish, it is served as a dessert just after lunch or dinner. It is also offered to God by the devotees in Indian households. Hence, ‘prasad’ as we know, mainly comprise of Mathura Peda all throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Nutritional Facts

In a piece of Mathura Peda, one can find the following:

  • Cholesterol 0mg

  • Protein 14g

  • Total Fat 0

  • Sugars 26g

  • Calories 238

  • Dietary Fibre 12g

  • Sodium 1185mg

  • Carbs 51g

  • Potassium 910mg

  • Iron 20%

  • Vitamin A 71%

  • Calcium 14%

  • Vitamin C 155% 

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