MD Green Chilli Sauce 400g


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MD Green Chilli Sauce 400g

About MD Green Chilli Sauce

For the spicy food lovers, MD products have brought its Green Chilli Sauce made from green chillies. The manufacturers ensure that the skins of the chillies are removed from the paste to provide a smooth sauce with the consistency of thick gravy.

The green chilli sauce of MD is a perfect blend of green chilli, salt, garlic, tropical spices, sugar, ginger and permitted colours. All of these have been mixed with deftness to produce the superior quality hot chilli sauce.

Different names

Green chilli sauce has no other name but it has a variety, which is popularly known as the red chilli sauce. Both belong to the spicy sauce categories with a mere difference of manufacturing process, ingredients and hotness levels.

Place of Origin

MD Green Chilli Sauce is an Indian product, made with the native chillies to produce an extra spicy sauce that can enhance the taste of any bland food item.

Type of product

MD Green Chilli Sauce is a bottled product that falls under the sauce category. In groceries, one can easily find it under the ‘Specialty Foods’ category.

Use of Product

MD Green Chilli Sauce has several culinary uses. Let us look into each of them carefully:

  1. Green Chilli Sauce with its thick paste can be used as a dip. It is a great accompaniment with fried items.
  2. For preparing lip-smacking chicken, marinating it with the green sauce and grilling it on the barbeque is the best possible option.
  3. Green chilli sauce with a little seasoning can turn a vegetarian dish into a flavoursome one.
  4. Green chilli sauce is an important ingredient in Thai green curry, fried rice, stews and soups.
  5. It also imparts a special flavour and colour to steamed vegetables.


The benefits of Green chilli sauce are manifold.

  1. It makes a dish spicy with its peppery ingredients. This can curb your appetite to help you lose weight. The fiery taste of it prohibits people from consuming more of food items, thereby preventing them from putting on excess weight.
  2. Green chilli sauce is made solely from green chillies, which is rich in antioxidants. These have the power to counterbalance the adverse effects of free radicals. It can also save you from blood clots, which is simply amazing.
  3. Green chillies have a lot of phytonutrients in it. This can save an individual from lung problems and decrease the risk of lung cancer.
  4. Bowel movement follows a healthy pattern when green chillies are consumed but only in a limited amount.
  5. The product is low in fat, which is good news for the spicy sauce lovers.

When is it highly preferred?

Since Green chilli sauce is a taste enhancer, people use it as a dip to enjoy the deep fries in their snack time.

How to store?

It is best to keep the MD Green Chilli Sauce bottle in the fridge to store it properly. Exposing the bottles to direct sunlight is a strict ‘no’. 

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