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MDH T-Plus Masala 25g


Tea is known as 'chai' in Hindi. Chai is a tea from India in which a spicy masala is mixed with the milk for a better taste and flavour. It is extremely popular in India and even in other countries. The ingredients of the Tea masala have many health benefits in it. A hot cup of tea eases the day by making it seem fresh and delighted. People drink tea very frequently for a brisk day. Even if it is taken at night, it makes feel fresh.

Tea is chosen over coffee by many peoples. You can also add cardamom and ginger to the tea for better taste and flavour. There are many types of tea in India like ginger tea, black tea, cardamom tea, masala tea etc. MDH tea masala is unique for its taste and quality. Tea is very beneficial for the body. It helps in loosing body weight and curing a cold and cough.

Add T-plus for obtaining the exotic spicy authentic taste to the boiling water along with the tea leaves, milk and sugar. It must be added to the warm milk before it boils for a perfect flavour of the tea. Tea masala is a dark brown powder of all the spices blended in the right proportion.

There are different ways of drinking tea. Tea can be prepared with less milk or more milk, less sugar or more sugar and even fewer tea leaves or more tea leaves, it completely de[ends on the choice of the intake.

Ingredients: Aniseeds, Cardamom Seeds, Green Cardamoms, Cinnamon, Dry Ginger, Black Pepper, Cloves, Star Anise.


Different names

MDH T-Plus Masala

MDH Tea plus Masala

MDH Chai Masala

MDH Tea Spices Mix


Place of Origin

New Delhi, India


Types of Product

Spice blend for tea and milk


Uses of Product

  • Tea masala is used for tea preparation at home or for commercial purpose.

  • This masala can be boiled in water and kept in the refrigerator for weeks in concentrated form for instant use.

  • Chai masala can also be used to make masala milk where this is added to the plain milk.

  • Milkshakes can be prepared by adding favourite Ice creams to the masala.

  • Low-fat masala chai can be made by using skim milk

  • Masala tea can be served with biscuits, cookies and other snacks.



  • Drinking Tea with this masala heals cold and cough caused by common cold.

  • It also provides energy, vitamins and nutrients.

  • It helps in proper blood circulation of the body.

  • Cardamom helps in improving the digestion and stimulates metabolism.

  • Cinnamon acts as antibacterial and antifungal agents. And reduce blood sugar level.

  • Black pepper present in the masala decreased the blood cholesterol and triglycerides boosts immunity and reduces risks of stomach ulcers.

  • The presence of ginger helps in relaxing muscles, improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation and thinning of blood serum.



High Preference

MDH T-Plus Masala is highly preferred in the breakfast time, but also taken frequently throughout the day by many peoples.


Nutritional Value

Serving 1 (5g)

Calories 873

Total Fat 12g

  • Saturated 2g

  • Trans 0g

  • Polyunsaturated 1g

  • Monounsaturated 3g

Cholesterol 195mg

Sodium 801mg

Potassium 220mg

Total carbs 118g

  • Dietary Fibre 15g

  • Sugars 5g

Protein 91g

Vitamin A 15%

Vitamin C 1,141%

Calcium 9%

Iron 35%

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