Methi Pare 400g



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Methi Pare 400g



Methi is the Hindi word for Fenugreek. Pare is the Hindi word which means the cut pieces. Since there are a lot of nutrient factors in methi, it is taken in different form throughout India. Methi pare is a snack that is prepared by mixing the methi leaves or the fenugreek leaves in the maida flour to make a dough. This dough is flattened by rolling and cut into small pieces to fry in hot oil. Since the snack contains only methi leaves, all-purpose flour and salt, it is also called as ‘methi namak pare’ where namak means salt. This dish can be taken as a snack for evening time with tea. This can also be prepared with the dry fenugreek seed which is called kasoori methi. The best part of this snack is you can store it for more than 15 days in air tight containers.

Methi pare is another version of the famous Indian snack Namak Pare or Nimki which is prepared during important occasions and festivals. Preparation of namak pare is as simple as the namak pare This snack is ideally crunchy and crispy outside but has a buttery soft inside. For making a perfect shaped pare the ingredients must be used perfectly.

Ingredients: Methi/ kasoori, maida/ all purpose flour, salt, black pepper, carom seeds, butter/ghee, water and cooking oil.


Different names

  • Methi namak pare
  • Methi nimki
  • Methi gathiya
  • Kadori methi pare
  • Methi Mathri
  • Namkeen Methi Pare


Place of Origin



Types of Product

Indian Snack


Uses of Product

  • Methi is used for flavouring curries, meat and vegetables.
  • It has a taste like the cross between fennel and celery with a bitter taste.
  • It is a good source of Fibre, calcium and iron
  • This snack can be crushed and add to any dish for a crunchy texture.
  • This is added to aloo chaat for topping it with some crunchy crisps.




  • Methi is general has many health benefits like it helps in digestion and balances cholesterol level of the body
  • It helps in milk flow of the lactating mothers
  • It improves the libido in men.
  • It also lowers inflammation of the body
  • This snack helps in developing immunity due to the presence of fenugreek in it.
  • It is always better to add methi to any dish you prepare for better flavour and health benefits.


High Preference

Methi Pare is highly preferred as a snack with tea or coffee but also can be taken as breakfast.


Nutritional Value

Serving 1 (30g-3 pieces)

Calories 261

Total Fat 4g

•           Saturated 1g

•           Trans 0g

•           Polyunsaturated 1g

•           Monounsaturated 1g

Cholesterol 30mg

Sodium 470mg

Potassium 380mg

Total carbs 44g

•           Dietary Fibre 6g

•           Sugars 15g

Protein 16g

Vitamin A 23%

Vitamin C 3%

Calcium 29%

Iron 27%

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