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Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle 500g



Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle is a popular pickle of Punjab. This pickle is made by blending some special Indian spices in correct proportion. The mango cut into small pieces is sun-dried before the pickle preparation. Punjabi cuisines are well known for their delicious food styles. Raw mango is mostly made into a pickle and some are used to prepare aam chur or dry mango powder. It is also used to make aam panna which is a juice form. Mango pickle is made in a different style in different parts of the country. Each state has their own way of preparing mango pickle. They also use a different oil for a different type of pickle.

Punjabi mango pickle is made mouthwatering by mother’s recipe. Mother’s recipe uses strict quality control and quality assurance for the best product. They aim for the customer satisfaction. The packing of the pickle is done in high hygienic condition for a good shelf life of the pickle. For longer life of this pickle do not allow a single drop of water to come in contact with the pickle and keep it in an airtight bottle. The pickle making has been carried from the Indian grandmothers to the mothers and now the new generation. It is an art of old generation. Even now it has the same value and authentic taste like the original pickle. If you go to any Indian restaurant you will find a pickle along with any dish you eat. All the Indian pickle use the exotic spice blend that makes them more authentic and delicious.

Ingredients: Mango pieces, Edible common salt, Edible vegetable oil, Spices & Condiments, Water, Acidity regulator,(INS-260), Preservative (INS-211),& Asafoetida. Contains class II preservatives.


Different names

Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle

Punjabi aam ka achaar- Mother’s Recipe


Place of Origin



Types of Product

Instant food, Pickle


Uses of Product

  • Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle is accompanied with all most all the Indian meals.

  • It can be added to the curries and vegetables to increase the sourness.

  • It is best taken with mathris and other snacks.

  • It can be accompanied with curd rice, which is a famous dish of south India.

  • It is also used to be eaten separately for nausea and vomiting.



  • Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle is very beneficial for curing nausea and vomiting.

  • Due to the presence of spices in the pickle, it is used for the ailment of many diseases.

  • It is taken along with many Indian dishes as it aids in faster digestion.

  • It is good for eyes and skin health.

  • Raw mango pickle is good for diabetic patients as it lowers blood sugar level.

  • It is also very good for cardiovascular problems.


High Preference

Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle


Nutritional Value

Serving 1 (2 tbsp)

Calories 1178

Total Fat 27g

• Saturated 8g

• Trans 0g

• Polyunsaturated 0g

• Monounsaturated 0g

Cholesterol 195mg

Sodium 1330mg

Potassium 54mg

Total carbs 281g

• Dietary Fibre 7g

• Sugars 0g

Protein 64g

Vitamin A 0%

Vitamin C 0%

Calcium 1%

Iron 15%

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