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Moti Chur Ladoo 1Kg



Moti Chur Ladoo is a Hindi name where 'moti' means 'Pearl' and 'chur' means 'crumble'. 'Ladoo' is derived from Sanskrit word 'ladduka or lattika' which means 'small ball'. This is a famous Indian sweet. It is crumbled pearls. These pearls are held in hand to make ladoos. A Little pressure is applied so that they crumble to form round ladoos. For the making of this ladoos ghee from cow's milk is generally used. There are two types of ladoos. One is boondi ladoo in which the boondi or the gram flour balls are bigger and crisp hard. The other is the moti choor ladoo in which the boondi or the gram flour balls are smaller and softer in texture. The batter of gram flour is dropped into hot oil with ladle or sieve. Then the droplets are dipped in sugar syrup to make round balls called ladoo. In many places, ladoo is prepared for giving the Hindu devotees as prasad. And it is also given to the Hindu gods as an offering. Motichur ladoo is also made in different styles. Each shop has different taste of the ladoo. There are ladoos with orange colour, and that is the basic motichoor ladoo. The other is without any colour, which has the basic besan or gram flour colour. And the last is the ladoo with multi colours, this is made to attract kids. But all the ladoos are sweet and mouthwatering. These ladoos are very famous all over India. Ladoos are given to the devotees of some temple, distributed for a wedding and other functions, distributed on school function to children and also had after meals like a sweet dessert.

Ingredients: Gram Flour, Sugar, Milk, Orange colour as required, Ghee to deep fry, Green cardamom seeds, Almonds blanched and slivered, Pistachios blanched and slivered.


Different names

Moti Chur Ladoo

Motichoor Ladoo


Place of Origin



Types of Product

Indian Dessert, Sweet


Uses of Product

  • Moti Chur Ladoo is used for festivals and family events such as weddings and birthdays.

  • It is also given as prasad (offering) at Hindu temples.

  • It is also considered as Eid dessert in some Muslim communities.

  • It is also given as present while announcing good news to family and friends.




  • Moti Chur Ladoo are very beneficial as it is made with gram flour.

  • It lowers blood cholesterol

  • Moti Chur Ladoo controls diabetes.

  • It helps in improving heart health.

  • Moti Chur Ladoo is a healthy alternative for gluten.

  • It supplies good amount of iron

  • Moti Chur Ladoo is very helpful for pregnant women due to the vitamin supply.

  • It helps to convert food into energy faster.

  • Moti Chur Ladoo also regulates appetite and mood.

  • It helps in regulating blood pressure.

  • Moti Chur Ladoo also helps in bone strengthening.




High Preference

Moti Chur Ladoo is highly preferred in festivals, functions and temples. It can be best had by any means like the other desserts. It can be had any time.


Nutritional Value

Serving 1 (1 ball)

Calories 254

Total Fat 11g

• Saturated 2g

• Trans 0g

• Polyunsaturated 2g

• Monounsaturated 1g

Cholesterol 195 mg

Sodium 306 mg

Potassium 1506 mg

Total carbs 22g

• Dietary Fibre 4g

• Sugars 9g

Protein 17g

Vitamin A 10%

Vitamin C 3%

Calcium 31%

Iron 16%

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