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Pistachio Shell / Pista 250g



Pistachio Shell or Pista is the nut like badam and cashews. They are found on a bushy tree that grows in central Asia and middle East. This nut is protected by a hard shell. The nuts are tanned green colour. When the fruits ripen the nuts pop out automatically. But since they are edible, the seeds are plucked before they pop out. The nuts inside the shell are green in colour and the covering of the nut is dark brown in colour. They are roasted to make them more delicious. They are available in the market in different forms like they are freshly plucked, they are roasted with partially opened shells and they are also available without shells. The nuts without shells are available in different forms like they are roasted and salted. This pistas are widely used. They are made into a paste to make ice creams and desserts. They are used in almost all food industry to make different flavoured delicious foods. Pista has a good nutritional value that improves body health. They are added to the morning cup of milk to make it a healthy drink. They are also available in paste and powdered form for instant uses. Due to its high health benefits, doctors also recommend having pista nuts every day for children and adults. It is had in the same way as badam and walnut. It can be included in daily diet by drinking its powder or paste form with milk. It is prepared into pista burfi in India which is a diamond or rectangular shaped dessert made with pista powder or paste. And it is decorated with edible silver leaf or badam crumbs on top of it. Start having pista daily to stay healthy and to improve body immunity.


Different names

Pistachio Shell / Pista


Place of Origin



Types of Product

Dry fruit


Uses of Product

  • Pistachio Shell / Pista is eaten whole by roasting and adding salt or freshly.
  • Pista is used for making ice creams and kulfi.
  • Pista is used for making chocolates, halva, salads etc.
  • They can be added to pudding and cakes.
  • They are used to make desserts



  • Pistas are rich in potassium that regulates and maintains body fluid.
  • It aids in improving the bone and teeth health.
  • The presence of magnesium provides energy for the body.
  • Vitamin B6 in Pista burfi enhances appetite.
  • Pista is cholesterol free and has low saturated fat so balances blood sugar and cholesterol level.
  • They have a high amount of fibre and protein.
  • They reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • Pista also has antioxidants that minimise the risk of cancer.
  • Pista strengthens the immunity of the body.



High Preference

Pistachio Shell / Pista is highly preferred for breakfast.


Nutritional Value

Serving 1 Nut

Calories 558

Total Fat 6g

• Saturated 3g

• Trans 0g

• Polyunsaturated 0g

• Monounsaturated 1g

Cholesterol 25mg

Sodium  360mg

Potassium 1288mg

Total carbs 106g

• Dietary Fiber 7g

• Sugars 79g

Protein 29g

Vitamin A 61%

Vitamin C 113%

Calcium 63%

Iron 29%



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