About Mandi Bazaar

Mandi Bazaar (trading as mandibazaar.co.nz), launched in September 2015, is New Zealand’s first online Indian marketplace. This is an e-commerce platform where suppliers, manufacturers, importers and distributors can directly connect to customers. Get almost every non-perishable products of grocery in MandiBazaar.co.nz ranging from Indian spices to cosmetic products. Select from Indian Snacks, Chutneys, Sauces, Pickles, Papad, Sweets, Frozen foods, Papadums, Lentils, Ghee, Oils, Rice, Atta etc. You can also get a variety of beauty products and cosmetics of famous brands like Garnier, Godrej, Sunsilk, Ayur, Vicco etc. from MandiBazaar.co.nz.

The main purpose of Mandi Bazaar is to build a relationship between above mentioned SELLERS (suppliers, manufacturers, importers and distributors) & CUSTOMERS by simplifying the delivery of all grocery items to customers through this e-commerce platform. It is an online internet retail store that offers sellers to sell their products to thousands of available customers. It enables thousands of common people to buy products of their choice from online network. You can select from thousands of products.

Major benefits of shopping from Mandibazaar.co.nz are:

  1. Save the most important thing that matters to you – “Your time and money”.
  2. Get affordable and quality products directly from the sellers.
  3. All products are delivered at your doorstep.
  4. We are available to you 24/7.

Enjoy best customer service, large choice of sellers and highest quality products on MandiBazaar.co.nz. It also aims to provide the best quality, best price products at your doorsteps from your best sellers.

What Does Mandi Bazaar Do?

Mandibazaar.co.nz aims to offer a convenient online shopping experience. Our sellers strive to deliver high-quality products ranging from hundreds of Indian groceries and health & beauty products. Buying online products from MandiBazaar.co.nz will certainly save your precious time. It offers affordable and high-quality products directly from the sellers. Thus, you can enjoy groceries with your family.

Our sellers offer affordable, directly procured product to our customers by enhancing the supply chain of buying and selling. We aim to create a close relationship between sellers and buyers, those have a busy lifestyle. Every order on our website is treated specially and carefully. Sellers have trained employee whose first priority is customer’s satisfaction. We promise quality assurance in online delivery services. Our customer care department is available 24/7. We work to fulfill all your shopping desires.

You can buy whatever your heart desires, simply by searching it online at MandiBazaar.co.nz. Now, no need to waste your valuable time in traffic; crowded long queue in supermarkets or compromising time with your families. You can purchase it by easy click online. You can get the product delivered right to your doorstep. With MandiBazaar.co.nz you can be certain to enjoy additional time in relaxation.

Enjoy the best platform for online grocery shopping.