Payments, Pricing & Promotions


1. PayPal

2. Poli

3. Credit / Debit Card


1. PayPal

Customer can pay using PayPal account, by sign up on their website or simply choose "Pay using credit or debit card option". This option allows you to pay using your credit or debit card directly (Paypal account not required). No fees apply to the customer. The fees are paid by Mandi Bazaar.

2. Poli

POLi is the online payment option which allows you to use your internet banking facility to safely pay for goods and services purchased online. In simple terms, POLi helps you to make an internet banking payment to Mandi Bazaar in a secure way and ensures that you get all the payment details right. It does not capture, store or disclose any of your sensitive details (including account numbers and internet banking login or passwords). Currently, the following banks are supported by Poli:

* Bank of New Zealand

* ANZ or The National Bank

* Westpac


* TSB Bank

* Bank Direct

* Kiwi Bank

3. Credit / Debit Card

We use payment gateway by Paystation. While using this payment method, you can simply enter the details from your credit or debit card to make a payment to Mandi Bazaar. (Please note, the card details are not saved by Mandi Bazaar or Paystation). As of now we only support payments by Visa and Mastercard.


 - Seller may list items at any price they feel is fair, regardless of the market price.

- The item price is the amount payable by a customer, excluding shipping, as it appears when you courier the item.


Sellers can put their product on promotion at any time they like. The promotional items (products on sale) are displayed on Mandi Bazaar Fist Page under the heading "Deal Of The Day". You can View the full list of products on sale by clicking on "DEALS" on the top menu of Mandi Bazaar site. 

Note: Term "Order" used in any promotions mean total of products purchased and excludes shipping charges.