How to Sell in Mandi Bazaar

Benefits of selling through Mandi Bazaar:

  • You can advertise your products online without having any online setup. We have full internal set up for 9 years of selling the products online.
  • You can sell your products to customers all over New Zealand.
  • We have a setup with Logistics services, making it is easy for you to ship your products.
  • If you are selling a product which is already on our website, just add your price. Now, you are ready to start selling it.
  • We provide support via email and toll-free number.

Steps to Sell Through Mandi Bazaar:

To sell your product/s through Mandi Bazaar, you must be a supplier or manufacturer or distributor or importer.

1. To sign up for our seller account, click on the link below -

2. Click on Join NOW, and fill in the necessary information.

3. Choose the package, which better serves your purpose -

 Basic Package Standard Package Platinum Package

Seller Profile Page on Mandi Bazaar.

Everything From Basic Package Everything from Standard Package

Add your Price to Products Listed on Mandi Bazaar and start selling them

Multiple Email Campaigns to inform and educate the end consumers about your product and its benefits Professional Animated Marketing Video to promote your product and its benefits

Product Promotional Banner on Mandi Bazaar site for 1 month

Product Promotional Banner as our Facebook Cover Photo for a month. Marketing Video will be circulated via additional email campaign and social media networks.

No Set Up Fee

One - Time Set Up Fee = $499 One - Time Set Up Fee = $499

Monthly Service Fee = $99.99

Monthly Service Fee = $149.99  Monthly Service Fee = $199.99 


4. Mandi Bazaar team will verify and approve your account. Until then you can fill in the details of your store at the 'My Account' page.

5. Once approved, you can login and start adding your products. You can choose from the products already on the website and just add the price at which you want to sell. If you couldn't find your products, you can contact us at For new products, the product information should comply with the following rules -

  • Must provide high-quality product photographs or provide products so that our team can take a picture for our use (extra cost involved for photography)
  • Must provide maximum information about the product/s.
  • The provided information must be unique (not copied from any other existing source like your own site).

6. Once the products are added/ approved, you are ready to sell online via Mandi Bazaar.

7.  If needed, training will be provided to help you in configuring.

If you need help, email us at or call us on 0800-622-922 to express your interest in selling your products through Mandi Bazaar. One of our representatives will follow up and book a time for detail discussion.



What Does Monthly Service / Maintenance Include?

  • Apply security patches to the technologies we use on the site to keep the site safe and secured from cyber-attacks.
  • Be up to date with the latest changes made by third parties like Paypal or other services used. Make necessary updates to avoid the disruption in the service.
  • Work on to improve the performance of the site and release the updates.
  • Provide customer support via email and toll-free number (0800-622-922)
  • Test important functionalities like filling out contact forms, signup forms, checkout forms, live chat etc. to make sure everything is working.
  • Because the site accepts comments, reviews/ratings and other user-generated contents, check for spam that may have gotten past our filters.
  • Optimize the site to make it more search engine friendly and work on to avoid any penalties. 

All updates will be given via email address provided during registration. You may change this email address at any time you like.

Created: 01/10/2018

Last Update: 06/09/2022