Introduction to Mandi Bazaar

An Indian grocery website like none other! Inspired by tradition, riding on technology and driven by passion. Mandibazaar is on a mission to revolutionize the way you shop for Indian groceries. By the end of this letter, you will see why Mandibazaar is the way to the future. 

Let’s start with traditional Indian grocery stores in New Zealand. As a customer, you must make regular visits to these stores. You must physically reach the store, pack your groceries, pay over the counter & carry them back to your place. The second option is Online Grocery Stores that allow you to purchase from that one store only. 

Mandibazaar brings you an entire marketplace on one platform. Now you can browse, compare, purchase and by using our Integrated Logistics System you get all of your Indian groceries delivered in no time. This means, you now have the information and convenience at your disposal. You also save time, effort & money. Repeat buyers can also utilize their accumulated reward points and save even further. This truly is a service which has no parallel. The power now lies with you.

To make this happen Mandibazaar put together a team of geeks, a band of rebels who challenge the ‘norm’ and yet are anchored in their values. This is a humble effort to ‘make a dent in the universe’. The future is exciting and we invite you to join us at Mandibazaar on this journey. Welcome to your new freedom. Welcome to Mandibazaar.

The idea was born with a collaborative effort of entrepreneurs with a unique vision for New Zealand, Canada & India in 2014(Officially Launched in September 2015 ). Our goal as a team of entrepreneurs is to revolutionize the accessibility & Delivery of great quality ingredients for Indian food and grocery related products to your door steps all over New Zealand.

Mandi Bazaar in collaboration with multiple Indian Grocery suppliers, manufacturers, importers and distributors, was designed and developed to overcome the modern age day to day challenges faced by members of the community. In this fast paced lifestyle, making a trip to a traditional brick and mortar store becomes time-consuming and drains out your energy. So, Mandi Bazaar platform makes it possible for multiple sellers to come to you. Now you can order your groceries online anytime, anywhere like while waiting for the bus, traveling by train, taking kids to badminton lessons or simply chilling out on a Saturday Morning.