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Betel Leaves / Pan ka Patta 5 leaves

Due to new biosecurity regulations regarding fresh fruit and vegetable produce, most of these items undergo a heat treatment process. Consequently, these betel leaves may exhibit a blackish coloration. Please note that there will be no refunds after delivery.

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Betel leaf is perennial and has a heart shaped appearance. It is also called as paan ka patta. It is a Hindi name for betel leaf and areca nut together. It is also combined with tobacco. They are wrapped together and chewed for some time. It can be spat out or swallowed after chewing for some time. This pan has many types. The basic type includes a paste made of slaked lime along with the other ingredients. Some places katha and mukhwas are also available with this combination for a freshness in the mouth. Betel Leaf is a vine leaf that is consumed in most of the Indian subcontinent and other parts of Asia. It is accompanied with Areca nut or tobacco. In southern parts of India, this betel leaf is offered to the guests as a mark of respect on auspicious occasions. Money is given by wrapping it in this leaf. This is considered as a token of respect. Eating this pan which is the combination of all the ingredients in not healthy as it makes the person get addicted to it. It is found that chewing betel leaf can cause cancer as in contains carcinogenic agents. It was eaten by many people of the old. Betel is known for its medicinal properties and mild stimulant. In Vietnamese culture, there is a saying "the betel leaf begins the conversation". It symbolises to break the ice in an awkward conversation. There also is traditionally used in the weddings. The groom offers the betel and nut to the bride’s parents in exchange of the bride. It has become an ideal symbol for love and bonding in married couples.


Different names

Betel Leaves

Panka Patta

Paan ka patta


Place of Origin



Types of Product



Uses of Product

    • Betel Leaves / Panka Patta is used for eating with areca nuts and chunnam or slaked lime paste.

    • It is used for giving money to the priest and elders in Hinduism.

    • It is used to welcome the guests in marriages.

    • Paan ka patta is used to be exchanged in Vietnamese culture for a bride.

    • It is had for the treatment of many illnesses like healing wounds.




    • Betel leaf gives relief from body aches and muscular tensions.

    • It is used for healing wounds.

    • It gives relief in constipation.

    • It improves the food digestion.

    • Betel leaf is good for increasing the hunger.

    • Betel leaf lowers the pain caused by gas.

    • It has antioxidants.

    • It keeps the mouth healthy.

    • It heals any respiratory problems, coughs and bronchitis.

    • Betel leaf is used for antiseptic and antifungal properties.

    • Betel leaf helps in retaining body fluids.

    • It keeps the skin healthy.

    • It is used for treating problems in the ear.

    • It keeps the vagina healthy from itching and other problems.

    • Betel leaf prevents nose bleeding.

    • It refreshes the breath.




High Preference

Betel Leaves / Panka Patta is highly preferred in traditional ceremonies and functions. Some people eat it with other ingredients regularly.


Nutritional facts

Serving 1 (100g)

Calories 470

Total Fat 19g

    • Saturated 9g

    • Trans 0g

    • Polyunsaturated 0g

    • Monounsaturated 0g

        • Cholesterol 49mg

        • Sodium  1063mg

        • Potassium 0mg

        • Total carbs 43g

        • Dietary Fiber 2g

        • Sugars 5g

            • Protein 18g

            • Vitamin A 16%

            • Vitamin C 0%

            • Calcium 27%

            • Iron 21%

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