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Everest Jaljira Powder 100g



Jaljira is an ideal appetiser. It is had for faster digestion of food. Generally, they are served chilled for better taste. It tastes awesome when served with other soft drinks. Jaljira is served in any Indian Feast or party. It is a favourite welcome drink in North India. They are also had after a heavy meal. It is made of a lovely blend of spices and condiments. The presence of mint leaf and dry ginger gives the drink a tangy taste. They have a sizzling effect when they are mixed with plain water.

Everest Jaljira Powder is a spicy drink that is had in hot summer afternoons. They were initially prepared at home by mixing each spice separately. But the perfect authentic taste of jaljira is only achieved by using the Everest Jaljira Powder. Everest Jaljira Powder is made with selective spices blend in right proportion with the help of experienced peoples.

Everest has made this spice blend inspired by the first ever spice blend ‘garam masala’. Garam masala is a spice blend made of four main ingredients. From that masala, the idea of making ready to use spice blend came into the mind. So Everest manufactured 52 different variants of spice blends in less than 52 years. They are now available in more than 4 lakhs outlets throughout the world. It has become the most trusted and popular brand for preparing any Indian Cuisine.

India has different cultured peoples with a different tradition and different likes and dislikes. They have their own style of preparing traditional dishes. Everest has helped them make their traditional dishes more easily. Not only Everest made it easy but also it has made people of different culture closer. Now anyone from any culture or tradition can enjoy the exact same taste of a dish from anywhere in the world by using the Everest spice blend.

Ingredients: Common Salt, Dry Mango, Rock Salt, Mint Leaf, Cumin, Black Salt, Chilli, Black Pepper, Dry Ginger, Asafoetida and Malic Acid.


Different names

Everest Jaljira Powder


Place of Origin



Types of Product

Spice Blend


Uses of Product

  • Everest Jaljira Powder is used for preparing the drink.
  • It is used for improving digestion.
  • Everest Jaljira Powder is best for cooling body temperature.



  • Everest Jaljira Powder helps in losing body weight
  • It gives relief in acidity
  • Everest Jaljira Powder prevents constipation.
  • It reduces the problems caused by gas, hence helps in bloating.
  • Everest Jaljira Powder reduces nausea.
  • Jaljira keeps your body hydrated during summer.
  • Everest Jaljira Powder gives relief in menstrual cramps.



High Preference

Everest Jaljira Powder is used for welcoming guests so it is best for party and feasts. But it can be had on a daily basis, twice a day.


Nutritional Facts

Energy 120 kcal

Protein 4.5 g

Carbohydrates 20.0 g

Fat 2.5 g

  • Saturated Fat 1.0 g
  • Monounsaturated 0.9 g
  • Polyunsaturated 0.11g

Cholesterol 0 g

Vitamin 0.07 g

Minerals 1.02 g.





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