Kurkure Chilli Chatka 100g


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Kurkure Chilli Chatka 100g

About Kurkure

Kurkure is a renowned brand, which specialises in corn puffs that come in different mouth-watering flavours. Owned by PepsiCo, it has gained significant popularity among the youngsters with its crunchiness. It is a symbol of light-hearted fun, which can be consumed by all because it is 100% vegetarian. With its interesting tagline, it wants to relate to the common people with their imperfections.

It is not only available in grocery stores but also in small shops across India. It is crunchy and extra spicy flavoured snack, which is even more popular among children. The packet has a generous filling of thick orange to brown tinted sticks that bring joy among the youngsters.

In the recent years, it has introduced its spicy category with some extra seasoning. This rice and corn meal combined snack has been prepared by mixing more of chilli, garlic powder, coriander powder, cumin, onion powder, black pepper, and fennel. All these have added an amazing fiery flavour to it and made it a favourite among the people.

Place of Origin

Kurkure Chilli Chatka is an Indian brand under the ownership of PepsiCo. This crunchy snack was prepared in Punjab to fulfil the mini food cravings of people.

Type of products

Kurkure Chilli Chatka is a packaged product under the snack section of groceries. It comes in a pack of 100g to satiate the evening hunger pangs.  

How to find it

As mentioned earlier, it is locally available. You can find this green coloured packet in medical stores, small grocery stores, and supermarkets. The colour of the packet resembles the shade of dark green chillies and this will aid you in recognising it from the rest of the flavours. However, we suggest you check the packaging date to get the best of the product.

Health Benefits

    1. Kurkure Chilli Chatka is made from daily cooked ingredients such as rice meal, corn meal, edible vegetable oil and similar such constituents. This makes it a healthy option.

    1. Its nutritive value heightens when mixed with green veggies.

    1. Since it has a medium carbohydrate, fat and protein content, it can be termed as a complete meal.

Culinary uses

Kurkure Chilli Chatka can be used to prepare lip-smacking snacks with its flavour and texture. It can be used to arrange evening snacks such as Kurkure Bhel, Tomato Sev, Dahi Chaat and Corn Chaat. For these recipes, the spiced corn puff sticks can be used as a topping.

When is it highly preferred?

This crunchy and spicy corn puff, in combination with tea is preferred as a snack item.  With the amazing recipes introduced by Kurkure, it can also be a filling snack in parties, which can be served as starters. 

Nutritional Facts

In a pack of 100g, you will get the following nutrients:

    • Energy 561 kcal

    • Total Carbohydrates 53.6g

    • Sugars 3.0g

    • Protein 6.4g

    • Total Fat 35.7g

Given its nutritional facts, it can be a source of energy and taste changer for both young and old. 

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