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MDH Amchur Powder 100g

About MDH Amchur Powder

MDH Amchur Powder is the residue that is left after dried unripe mangoes are ground to form a spice. This powder imparts a sour flavour to North Indian dishes and used as a substitute for lemon juice. It is an essential ingredient in curries and fish-meal to lend that tartness to the dishes. MDH ensures that the skin and stone of the dehydrated mangoes are removed while preparing this quality powder.

For the Indians, it is a ‘must-have’ as a cooking ingredient to lend a uniform taste, every time it is added to the dishes. This powder is packed in an airtight cardboard box and 100g of it is supplied in the Indian market.

Different names

Amchur powder has no alternate name and rules the spice market in this very name.

Place of Origin

Mahashian Di Hatti (MDH) is an Indian based spice producer, which has its headquarters in New Delhi. It excels in the production of blended and ground single spices with Amchur powder as one of its popular products.

Type of product

In online grocery stores, MDH Amchur Powder 100g is categorised under the mixed spices and seasonings section. It is a packaged product, which emulsifies tartness to cooked items.

How is Amchur prepared?

The manufacturers choose green mangoes or unripe mangoes for preparing amchur powder. These are then carefully peeled, deftly sliced and dried in the sun. When the pieces change colour to light brown, these are taken in the manufacturing units to grind it into a fine powder. Even though the process seems undemanding, a lot of effort is put in by MDH to prepare this sour flavoured powder.

Use of Product

MDH Amchur Powder is a brownish coloured powder trusted by the Indian households to lend that honey like fragrance to dishes. It satisfies the acidity requirement in Indian meals with its sour fruity flavour. For tenderising meat and enhancing the taste of stir-fried vegetables, Amchur powder is used. It ensures an acidic brightness in food without adding moisture to it.

Since it is a flavouring agent, it is mainly used by the chefs to make pakora fillings, curries, dals, chutneys and pickles flavoursome.


Amchur, as produced by MDH is not only a taste enhancer but also comes with a host of health benefits:

  1. With the high levels of iron content in amchur powder, it is advised to individuals who are anaemic.
  2. The presence of phenol in amchur acts as an anticancer and antioxidant agent. Frequent intake of it improves digestion and helps combat acidity in the human body.
  3. Since amchur scores high in vitamin A and E content, it aids in the efficient functioning of the hormonal system.
  4. Scurvy- a well-known disease originating from vitamin C deficiency can be cured by daily intake of amchur. By mixing a part of it into two parts of jaggery, patients suffering from the illness can save themselves from scurvy.

When is it highly preferred?

MDH Amchur Powder is highly preferred in cooking lunch, dinner or snacks. Since it is a spice with its functions relating to taste enhancer, it is a chief ingredient in kitchens. 

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