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MDH Chunky Chat Masala 100g

About MDH Chunky Chat Masala

Spices have always formed a vital part of Indian heritage. Almost every province in the Indian subcontinent knows about the importance of spices and craves for it. In order to serve their needs and make cooking easier, MDH has brought forward its spice blends. Chunky Chat Masala is one such spice mix, which can make any bland dish into a tasty cuisine. All that you need to do is just sprinkle it over the dish to return that essence to it. 

The manufacturer of MDH Chunky Chat Masala has packed these exquisite grounded ingredients into a green coloured cardboard box weighing 100g. It is quite popular among the consumers who simply relish the amazing sour and spicy taste.

Different names

Chat Masala is a common term synonymous to dried mango powder mixed with other spices like black pepper and chilli powder. Residents of India are well aware of it as a taste enhancer, mixed with food for bringing that zesty flavour.

Place of Origin

Chunky Chat Masala sold under the brand name of MDH, reveals the fact that it is a renowned product. Mahashian Di Hatti has been ruling the Indian spice market since ancient times.

Type of product

Chunky Chat Masala belongs to the ‘Masala Powder’ category of Spices under the brand name MDH. It is a packaged and ready-made spice mixture, vital in an Indian kitchen. 

Use of Product

MDH Chunky Chat Masala is used solely as a flavouring agent for preparing ‘Aloo Chat’, ‘Fruit Chat’ and for sprinkling over savouries, roasted or grilled delicacies, vegetable salads, fried nuts and sandwiches.

Let us look into the recipes of Aloo Chat and Fruit Chat:

Aloo Chat: Peel potatoes and slice them into ¾ inches cubes. Fry the pieces in ghee or edible oil to turn them into golden coloured cubes. Transfer the strained potato pieces into a bowl to add 1 tsp of Chunky Chat Masala. Add 2 tsp of lemon juice on it and stir it well. Your aloo chat is ready to be savoured now.

Fruit Chat: Cut selected fruits that you like the most into ¾ inched pieces. Mix them well after sprinkling Chunky Chat Masala and lemon juice to it. 


It being rich in spices makes food delicious, ready to be relished by people. It adds to the zesty and tangy flavour with the dry mango powder content in it. This makes children enjoy even the boring salads prepared by their mothers.

When is it highly preferred?

Since MDH Chunky Chat Masala is usually used for sprinkling over aloo and fruit chats, it is preferred mainly for the preparation of snacks.


A detailed view of its composition will encourage you to add it to your savouries. 

  • Dry Mango
  • Cumin
  • Black pepper
  • Coriander
  • Dry ginger
  • Chilli
  • Bishop’s weed
  • Asafoetida
  • White salt
  • Black salt
  • Musk melon
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Mint leaves
  • Nutmeg
  • Caraway
  • Cloves

Nutritional facts

  • Calories 15
  • Cholesterol 0%
  • Carbohydrate 2g
  • Glucides 2g
  • Protein 1g
  • Fat <1g
  • No trans fat and saturated fat
  • Sodium 425 mg
  • Calcium 0.2%
  • Vitamin A 0.6% 

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