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MDH Deggi Mirch 100g

Definition: Deggi Mirch is actually dried red chilli ground into fine powder. This spice is medium hot but provides an attractive colour and taste to your food. The best thing about Deggi Mirch is that it can be used for almost any food preparation, unlike most other spice blends which can be used only for specific dishes. For instance, Chola Masala can only be used in the case of chickpeas or chola. A chicken masala can only be used in the case of making chicken curries. However, Deggi Mirch can be used in almost every food preparation. It can be seen as a supplementary spice blend to add more taste and colour.

How Deggi Mirch is traditionally made: India is the land of Spices. In fact, different spice blends are used in various states of the country. Deggi Mirch is a traditional spice from Rajasthan and Gujrat. This is actually finely ground red chilli powder. The unique feature of this specific spice is that it can add taste and a nice red colour to almost any food, something that most other spice blends cannot do. As a result, it is quite popular all over the country. You can use Deggi Mirch to spice up curries, non-veg as well as vegetarian dishes. If you like your food hot, then this is one spice you need to have in the cupboard!

The way of making Deggi Mirch is quite interesting. Traditionally, red chillies are placed in a deep trough. These are pounded with a long and heavy stone wielded by two people at a time.

The advantage of Deggi Mirch is that adds a beautiful red colour to your food and also makes it delicious. The spice is mildly hot and so you food shall always be edible! This spice is ideal for making curries. Here is one of the best ways for making curries better with the help of Deggi Mirch.

 When your curry is prepared, prepare to add onions. Chop onions and fry them until they have a golden colour. Now, add chopped tomatoes them along with Deggi Mirch to the curry. Stir until the entire thing shows a uniform colour and depicts a red shade.

Type of products: MDH offers you a wide range of spice blends. Some of its products include MDH Chutney Podina Masala, MDH Dahivada Raita Masala, MDH Dal Makhani Masala, MDH Curry Masala for Chicken, MDH Dal Makhani Masala, MDH Fish Curry Masala, MDH Garam Masala, MDH Hyderabadi Biryani Masala and MDH Jal Jeera Masala, apart from MDH Deggi Mirch.

Use of Products: All spices are not a part your everyday diet, although they have many health benefits. Although they impart fantastic taste, everyday consumption may hamper proper digestion. This is because these spices are somewhat strong. Spices like pepper and salt are everyday items which can be used to garnish food, but not all spices are like this. For best results, know how much of the spice blends you should be using.

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