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MDH Jal Jeera Masala 100g

Definition: In India, Jal Jeer is easily a crowd favourite, and one needs only taste it to find out the reason. Jal Jeera means Water (Jal) and Cumin powder (Jeera). This means that its a drink where cumin powder is mixed with water. It is served cold, although it has a unique ability to cool down the body just like mint does.

Different names: Jeera is also known as cumin popularly in the West.

History of the company: MDH, which today is one of the biggest spice manufacturing companies in India, had quite a humble beginning. It was founded by Mahashay Chuni Lal in Sialkot. The first ever shop he built was quite small. As his fame grew in providing quality products, so did the shop.

After his father, Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati took up the business. He had to struggle in the beginning, even to the point of driving a tonga carriage to make ends meet. He put up his shop at a small shack to sell spices made by his family in the city of Delhi. The business became profitable and popular enough to enable him in getting a larger shop in a much better area of the city. Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati also brought a piece of land for his own factory at Kirti Nagar in 1959. Today, the company is the producer of some of the most popular FMCGs or Fast Moving Consumer Goods in the country which are exported as well.

Type of products: Products of MDH include MDH Chutney Podina Masala, MDH Dahivada Raita Masala, MDH Dal Makhani Masala, MDH Curry Masala for Chicken, MDH Deggi Mirch, MDH Dal Makhani Masala, MDH Fish Curry Masala, MDH Garam Masala, MDH Hyderabadi Biryani Masala and the current product, the MDH Jal Jeera Masala. These are spice blends which mean that these contain a number of spices. However, due to the same reason, the taste is enhanced and the human body gains several benefits due to the various spices.

Use of Products: Using the MDH Jeera Masala is easy. All you need to do is mix a teaspoonful of jeera powder in a glass full of water. Stir it till you see a uniform mixture. Jeera masala is usually taken with lukewarm water, although you can take it with chilled water as well. It is rarely or never taken with warm water unless one has a cold.

Benefits: Cumin is a type of spice which has numerous benefits for the human body. It is fantastic in helping against indigestion. In fact, in India, it is traditionally given to children and adults when they have digestion problems. Cumin powder is also used in Ayurveda for the treatment of piles, respiratory problems, insomnia, bronchitis, anaemia, cancer, boils, lactation and the common cold. 

When it is highly preferred: Jeera masala or Jal Jeera can be enjoyed as a refreshing drink at any time of the day between meals. It is a very refreshing drink which cools down the body admirably, which is why it is taken by children after a round of outdoor games. Jal Jeera is a very popular drink, especially in the summer season. 

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