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Rasgulla 1Kg



Rasgullas is a popular Indian dessert made with milk and sugar. Rasgulla is a sweet in sugar syrup. It is made by making small round shaped dumpling. They are made of chena which is the Indian cottage cheese and are mixed with semolina and made into dough. Then finally these round dumplings are cooked in sugar syrup for some time until the sugar syrup is absorbed by the dumplings. These rasgullas add a good amount of protein to the body. They are a light dish as compared to other desserts of India. Therefore they are available throughout the year. Unlike other sweets, they are not only prepared for festivals and functions but are served anytime anyone wants something sweet. They are good for health but are not healthy to have many at a time. A limited consumption at a time is healthy. It is very simple to make at home. Just take milk and curdle it with lime juice or vinegar and add semolina to the sieved milk. Make dumplings of the dough and cook in a sugar syrup till they absorb the syrup up to some extent. 

The origin of this dessert was in an Eastern part of India. Odisha and West Bengal are known to be the birthplace of this dessert. But Odisha formed a committee in 2016 and said rasgulla has been originated from Odisha. West Bengal's rasgullas are different from Odisha rasgulla in colour, texture, taste and juicy content. Even the method of preparation of these rasgulla in West Bengal is different. So they also wanted to state that their rasgulla needs geographical indications tag for their local variety. In west Bengal rasgulla is known as 'Banglar Rasogolla'.

Ingredients: Chena (Indian cottage cheese) and sugar.


Different names



Place of Origin



Types of Product



Uses of Product

  • Rasgulla is used to be had as a dessert
  • It can be smashed and added to any sweet dish for a flavour.
  • Rasgulla can be added to kheer
  • Rasgulla is used to be served for festivals and functions.



  • Rasgulla is found to strengthens Bones and Teeth
  • Rasgulla is an Instant Energy source
  • Rasgulla relieves from body pain
  • Rasgulla fights Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Rasgulla prevents from the Skeletal Deformation
  • It helps in weight loss
  • Rasgulla prevents Cancer
  • It also improves Metabolism of the body.
  • Rasgulla reduces the risk of Heart Diseases
  • It also controls Blood Pressure
  • Rasgulla is a good source of Omega-3 Fatty Acid
  • It reduces risk of Type-2 Diabetes
  • It improves Immune System
  • Rasgulla regularises the functioning of urinary system
  • It gives relief to Pain and Tiredness
  • Rasgulla also promotes the normal functioning of Digestive Systems


High Preference

Rasgulla is had as a dessert after lunch or dinner as a sweet side dish.


Nutritional facts

Serving 1 (1 piece)

Calories 120

Total Fat 1g

• Saturated 0g

• Trans 0g

• Polyunsaturated 0g

• Monounsaturated 0g

Cholesterol 0mg

Sodium  0mg

Potassium 0mg

Total carbs 26g

• Dietary Fiber 0g

• Sugars 0g

Protein 7g

Vitamin A 0%

Vitamin C 0%

Calcium 0%

Iron 0%



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